Sunday 29 November 2015

Documenting December on a time-crunch

Happy Sunday to all!  I hope you are having, or had, an amazing day, or evening as the case may be wherever you are! Today is a bit of a blusetery, dreary day with just a touch of frost cover everywhere.  No real snow yet though.  How about where you are?

I love December, I love Christmas and the Christmas season - always have.  So of course, as a scrapbooker/crafter, I also love to document the season.   If you are like me, you do too but somedays there is just so little time, or so little activity.  There are days where I work 10-11 hour shifts, other days where between the baking, the errands and the chores, there is so little time left.  But I certainly don't want documenting this most festive time of year to be a negotiation with myself, to become a chore - it is fun, my stress relief, my creative me-time.

Furthermore, as an empty nester, with quite a small family (but lots of pets LOL), there isn't always something going on.

Here is my little formula :

Join the December Daily Inspiration Group - Anything Goes over on  You will find a great community (we are growing by leaps and bounds), daily inspiration, fun prompts, challenges, videos and heaps of fun

Set aside 5 to 15 minutes a day to play, even on those days where time is at a premium. 

I have pre-prepared a few journaling cards, and filler cards for just those days.  Go through your pocket page type cards and select a few that match your colour scheme. You can cover up any wording that does not fit with the season.  Here are a few I made :

I decorated the cards minimally to leave lots of room for writing, or making a quick list. Keep them close to hand.

Now I have prepared a little game for us to put those  cards to good use ;) (you will find a .pdf document  in the files section of our facebook group).  It is a series of words that can be used as journaling/photo/list prompts.    Print the page, cut the words into little squares, fold them and put them in a bowl right on your work table.  Then pick one everyday or whenever you need inspiration.  The word can be used in anyway you want - as a journaling prompt, for a photo, to make a foundation page, to make an embellishment.  For instance, if you pick the word "window" .... you could

  • take a photo of one of your decorated window(s) (from the inside or the outside)
  • make a list of what you see looking out of your window that is Christmas related (there are some beautifully decorated houses in my little neighbourhood that I could describe)
  • Find a stamp in your stash that is a window scene and colour it, stamp it on a filler card, or as a background on your daily page or art journal
  • Use it more metaphorically, in the sense of "window on the world" where you journal about a tradition from a different country (your heritage maybe)

I hope you enjoy this little game.  I look forward to seeing your lovely creations over on the group.  Thanks for joining me today and  ....

Let the Christmas season begin.... you know the song "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas".... sing it !!!


Sunday 1 November 2015

A bloomin' layout, some catch-up and a few ramblings - Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday to all!  I hope you had a fun-filled, candy-filled and safe Halloween.  I saw the most amazing costumes as I was going though my Instagram feed yesterday.  Wow, scrapbookers are creative, and talented, on so many levels :) ...  I hope the weather cooperated for you.  It was a lovely day here, and the rain arrived only once the festivities were over. Phew!!  Today is dreary and rainy so what better day to get this blog back on track.

You may have noticed that my blog took most of the summer off LOL.  Our summers are so short here that we have to get out an play as much as possible.  I did scrapbook quite a bit though but just didn't get over here to blog about it.  If you are interested in seeing my gallery, head on over to my facebook page where I put all my layouts into albums :

I played with Shimelle's True Stories collection a lot over the summer.  I received quite a bit of it in my Scraptastic June Can't Go Home kit and then prepared my own add-on with the 6X6 paper pad, the sticker book, the wooden buttons (love them, should have bought a gazillion packs LOL).  I added some bright coloured cardstock from my stash and off I went.  I admit to being a little intimidated by the collection to start - it is so bright and the colours are almost primary.  I tend to scrap a more subdued colour scheme usually. But the True Stories collection is so fresh, summery and fun that I just had to give it a go. And I absolutely loved it!  I went through all my photos and decided to work with my photos from the Spanish portion of my backpacking trip - a great match with the collection.  Here is the latest layout made with the collection (which is one of the only ones not from my Spanish trip) :

You will notice that there is one full 6X6 sheet as a layering piece (the navy polka dot one) but the rest of the patterned paper were taken from scraps that were lying on my desk; just bits left from other layouts that needed to either be sorted and put away or used.  Making a layout is so much more fun that tidying don't you think?

i had no real plan for this page at the outset and just placed the larger pieces on the red cardstock and went from there, looking at the shapes I had and punches I could use.  I really wasn't sure about this page to start, but in the end I am happy with the outcome.  They can't all be our favourites, right?

Pretty much everything on the page is from the Shimelle True Stories collections, with few exceptions :

  • The red cardstock is from Stampin' Up 
  • The enamel dots are from Pebbles
  • I used Mini Market, and Daily Flash, alphas in addition to the True Stories thickers
  • I don't have white mist in my stash so I just water down some white acrylic paint and use a round paint brush to splatter it on.  I like the opacity of the paint
There really isn't a story to this layout.  It is a photo of some flowers that were still in full bloom on the 1st of October, after we had had a week of unseasonally cold temperatures.

So there you have it :) !  Before leaving you, let me just show you a few more layouts I made with this collection. 

Thanks for joining me today and I promise I will get back to regular postings, at least until next summer LOL.  Have a wonderful day, or evening, whereever you are.  Hugs xo

Saturday 18 July 2015

An 8.5X11 challenge layout and a great YouTube channel for you to discover :)

Happy Saturday to all!  I am so glad you could join me for another layout share.  I know I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks; life interfered with my play time LOL. Nothing major, just extra work and finally some lovely summer weather !!!  How have you all been?  I have quite a few things to share so I just might be doing a few posts this weekend and over the next week.  But first, the most important one for today :

I want to share a layout I made for my  friend Kelly's  500 subbie YouTube challenge.  She is froggie251 on YouTube and here is the link to her channel: .  If you don't know Kelly, hop on over to her channel, sit back and enjoy.  She does some great stuff.  Kelly makes 12X12 layouts but also does Project Life.  She is a joy to watch and to listen to.  Lately, Kelly has participated in a couple of collaborations with a two other great YouTubers - one on project life (with Hannah Lemieux), where they challenged each other to use mixed media on some of their PL cards.  The other collaboration, also a mixed media challenge, is with Mari Clarke.  Mari makes an art journal page and Kelly integrates some great mixed media techniques on a 12 X 12 layout.  Such fun!

You still have time to participate in Kelly's challenge as it closes tomorrow, on the 19th so as soon as you finish reading this ;), get cracking!!!  LOL.

Here is the layout I made:

This turned out vastly different than the idea I had when I started to make the page.  Firstly, I wanted to make a 12X12 and secondly I mentioned to Kelly that I was going to try and do a mixed media background, in her honour :).  As you can clearly see, neither happened.

I did make a background on a 12X12 piece of black cardstock.  To reduce the starkness (yup it's a word in my head) of the black, I gesso'd the page.  I did add some water to make it more of a wash but obvously not enough - first booboo.  Then I used a star stencil with some texture paste, which I coloured with Italian Sunset Glimmer Mist.  I wanted to match the pale coral in my photo mat and on one of the layers.  The colour matched perfectly - yay - but in the end it was way too pale on the background.  So when I put my photo block on that background.... I hated it!!!  OK, well,  start over I thought - but hmmm, no more black 12X12 cardstock!!  So 8.5X11 it became.  I used my punches to cut some circles out of that MM piece which you can see in each of the three embellishment clusters. In the end, I do like the outcome.

The supplies:  I used my Scraptastic April Darlene main kit and add-on to make this page with very few exceptions :
  • The black cardstock and the pale coral carstock that I used to mat the photo, are both from Stampin' Up
  • The stencil is from Simon Says Stamp
  • The mint foam thickers are from my stash - they are Dear Lizzy. The black alpha thickers may be from a previous kit - gosh how I love that font :)
There is no story to tell about this photo - it is simply of my boy Chopin sleeping the afternoon away after quite the play session with Sophie !

Thanks so much for stopping by and sticking with me to end end of this post.  Thanks so much Kelly for a fun challenge and congratulations on reaching 500 subbies.  I love your channel and am sure that you will be at 1000 in no time at all.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I will be back soon.  Hugs xox


Sunday 7 June 2015

BR (Blog response as opposed to a video response LOL) to Kitty Scrapper's TAG video

Happy Sunday my scrappy friends.  This is one of those days when I really wished I was tech savvy enough to make videos.  I have had such fun watching all your lovely responses to Nancy's TAG video!   (aka Kitty Scrapper on You Tube, if for some reason you have been under a rock or on Mars and don't know her, stop reading and head on over to her You Tube channel - you will love it - and her).  Nancy made a wonderful video last Sunday I believe, where she came up with 7 great scrappy questions which she answered for us (with a cocktail of course ... and I watched with a martini of course LOL) and then she tagged everyone to respond.  I have been watching Nancy's videos since she started making them and she is my friend so I really wanted to participate in her TAG.  So, it will be a Blog response.  But, my friends I promise that the next one will be a video... Yes, you read it here (more about that when I answer question 6 below).


So, let's get to it LOL .... before I bore you to tears, or keep you here all day ;)

Why did you start your channel (in my case blog):  It is a two-fold reason really.  I have family and friends that live far away from me (elsewhere in Canada, in Ireland, Spain and France, mainly) and they asked me to start a blog where they could see my scrapbook pages but where I could also tell the story behind the layouts.  After a false start in early 2013 (three lame posts, and then a year hiatus), I finally got it up and running in early 2014 and I would say that the real reason was to participate in this lovely community we have on YouTube and Facebook.  I wanted somewhere where I could give a little more detail about my layouts, from the supplies I used to the stories behind the layouts.  I also wanted somewhere where I could participate in all the lovely challenges that we have. And one of my very first posts was a response to one of Nancy's early challenges!

What is your scrappy style and how has it changed.  I love this question, and it got me looking back through a few albums of the week, which by the way I don't do often enough!!

Like many of you I don't know if I can easily put a word to my style - fairly clean I think, a little eclectic since I like to try new techniques that I see a lot of you doing so beautifully. Someone made me notice lately that I often do "detached embellishment clusters" as opposed to the layered style.  I also cannot make a page without wood veneer, flair and enamel dots.

Probably the best way to show my srappy evolution (LOL), is in photos.  

My first pages, after taking a class at my local LSS in 2007 :

Then I discovered Two Peas and took Shimelle's Hitchhikers class .... and many of her other classes.  Here is my Shimelle phase (see the butterflies Nancy?) : 

I still love Shimelle's style and love taking her classes.  Her style still influences my basic style (one or two photos, rules of thirds ....) but then the YouTube world exploded and so many of you started making absolutely beautiful layouts, using fun techniques and all sorts of media.  My scrappy world opened up !!!  Thank-you to each and everyone of you.  I am a total You Tube addict (I don't own a TV, my TV is process videos, with the occasional foray into the tennis watching world LOL).  Thank-you Nancy, Nicole Jones, Irit, Victoria Calvin, Hannah, Jenny Box, Lisa, Sandra, Jen Stokes, Mari Clarke, Alicia Tillman, Crystal, Jen Schow, Juliet Sherriff, InkieQuill, Suse Fish, Tanya Hubbard, Elisabetta, Gretchen, Sue, Sarah, Iliana, Sheri, Mandy, Missy, Tuesdae, Robin..... and so so many more.  I know I forgot to mention many of you ... I subscribe to about 250 channels and love them all.   

 Here are a couple of my latest layouts : 

What project have you been meaning to start :  In my case, it is more a case of projects I want to finish :

  • My backpacking trip albums 
  • My December Documented 2014 (not even close to being done with this one LOL)
And then there are a couple of projects I want to start :    A book of me, or rather documenting my life before I started scrapbooking.  That is a bit of a daunting project since I am almost 60 years old LOL .... as you can see I will have a long retirement and live to a ripe old age to finish that.  Since I am divorced, at least I won't have to do (rather redo) the wedding album ... that should save a little time ;)

What collection new, and old, would you save from your burning craft room?  Which collection, or paper, do you regret buying :

For the favourite current collection, until this morning, I would have answered Crate Paper Craft Market, but I got a few pieces from Shimelle's latest collection, True Stories, this week and absolutely fell in love.  It is brighter and bolder than my normal style, but it is so cheerful.  I think I will have such fun with it this summer.

As for an older collection, I loved the My Mind's Eye, Lost and found 3 - Oliver collection.  I was one of the first for me that used all shades of blue with a lovely golden yellow and a taupey (yes that is a shade) brown/grey.  I bought at least 2 of the 6X6 pads, and I don't really want to say how many of the enamel dot packages.  

Now, I was "talking" with Crystal, after watching her video response, and we both had the same opinion about Basic Grey's Grand Bazaar.  It is a beautiful collection, great patterns and colours BUT it is so very hard to use.  I had bought it thinking I would use it to document the few months I lived in Andalucia, Spain.  But in the end, I really could not figure out how to use it at all and wound up giving it to my great-niece, who had no qualms about cutting it up and having a grand ol time with it.  I on the other hand, felt I should just frame the paper itself LOL.

Now I am going to switch the order a bit and answer the last question :  Who would you like to collaborate with :

That is easy .... any, and all of you.  I have made such lovely scrappy friendships!  I do so enjoy participating in all of the challenges that I can (in fact, I do need to catch up on some of the fun challenges on the Victoria Marie Facebook group).  But  a few of you have already mentioend me so of course I am on board with you Hannah, you Megan ....  

Also, in the near term, I want to try and do a few tags like Jenny Box is doing on her channel recently - I love them

I would like to try my hand at a 4 X 4 album like Nancy did as well - looks like fun



Climbs off soap box and makes a martini .....

So there you have it !!!  My BR  (because I am a doinker and can't yet do a VR LOL).  Before I leave you for the day, I just want to take a moment to thank-you all so so much.  You Tube and our facebook groups are just such a lovely community, filled with great talent, creativity, respect, fun and games.  I feel blessed to be part of it.  And, even though I don't make videos yet, you have taken me into the fold.  So many lovely comments on my pages, and so many of you have mentioned me in your videos (I always feel like a little girl ... "that's me, that's me she is talking about" LOL)

Hugs to you all xoxo

Sunday 31 May 2015

Another 12X12, another sketch for Stamping Rooster's YouTube channel

Happy Sunday to all!  I hope you are all having a great day, or had a great day!  The weather here is even crazier than usual - we had 30 deg. C yesterday, followed by severe thunderstorms and torrential rains.  This morning we woke up to 8 deg C.... oh my!  so, we still haven't been able to plant the tomatoes!  

Popping in today to share another layout for Gretchen's challenge.  In case, you missed my last post, here is the link to her awesome YouTube channel: 

I chose her Sketch number 11 this time, one that could either be used for a 12 X 12 layout, or by just moving the main photo block over to the left, it could also easily be adapted to an 8.5 X 11 format.  I made a 12 X 12 : 

and here is the sketch:

See that blue mist all over the yellow banner? ... Yup I made a huge mess!  It was all over the pink patterned paper as well - so I made another layer of that same paper, distressed it all and then inked over the edges to hide most of it.  As for the stain still showing on the yellow banner ... well there you have it LOL :)

The supplies:  All of the supplies for this one also came from my Scraptastic March Rivers and Roads kit, with very few exceptions :
  • The scalloped ribbon is from Stampin' Up in Melon Mambo
  • The "watching you" portion of the title are from my stash - they are Dear Lizzy Thickers and matched this kit so well that I used them on quite a few layouts
  • The enamel dots and shapes were from my stash
  • The mists I used were from Glimmer Mist (Patina) and Mr Huey's (Passport blue and Boss Lady)
The story:  Again, this one just captures a fun everyday moment.  The photo shows our Golden Retriever Oliver watching intently as we work in the garden.  The title comes from the fact that he is actually watching my BIL Ron (his human) a lot more than any of the garden goings on.  Just in case, Ron decided to go somewhere... Oliver is at the ready ... maybe for a  car ride, or a W-A-L-K, or playing fetch, food, or anything fun that Oliver could partake in with Ron... Because, after all, it's all about Oliver :) :) 

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me on the blog today.   You still have time to check out Gretchen's challenge - it closed at midnight tonight.  

Hugs, xx

Thursday 28 May 2015

Another challenge layout (12X12) and a great YouTube channel

Happy Thursday scrappy friends!  I hope this finds you well.  I am starting a little mini vacation of four days today so that makes me very happy LOL.  I have quite a few chores I want to get done (I am in a bit of a spring cleaning frenzy, but never fear I will soon tire of that :) ). I will also spend time watching some French Open tennis matches with my mom and of course, find some quality scrappy time.

I am popping in today to share another layout I made in response to another fun You Tube challenge.  This time the challenge is a sketch challenge and it is by one of my favourite scrapbookers (yes I know, I have a lot of favourite scrapbookers LOL) on You Tube.  Here is the link to her channel : .  Gretchen makes beautiful layouts, sometimes based on sketches that she creates, and her process videos  are lovely and very detailed.  She explains so well the steps and techniques as she goes.  We often get a bonus as well - one, or more, of her kitties will come and visit during the process :) .  If you don't know The Stamping Rooster (Gretchen), pop right on over to her channel, take a break and watch a couple of her videos.  You will be so happy you did.

Gretchen and her husband are on vacation this week - in beautiful Paris; therefore she is making memories as opposed to scrapping them.  She challenged us to use one of her sketches and make a layout while she is away (you can find all of her sketches in the challenge blog post she wrote here : )

Here is my layout and the sketch I based it on (it is her sketch 27) :

This was not the sketch I had originally planned on using but the photos just begged for this one.  And I am happy with the outcome.  I am also happy that I used pink - it is not a colour I use often although I love it !

The supplies :  All of the supplies come from my March Scraptastic Rivers and Roads Kit except for :

  • the Thickers used for my title are from Dear Lizzy and I had them in my stash but since there is quite a bit of Dear Lizzy in this kit, they match beautifully and I have used them on a least two, if not three, layouts using this kit
  • the white splatters are simply watered down acrylic paint
  • the pink flower brads have been in my stash for I don't know how many years and I don't remember anything about them LOL.  It sure felt good to get them on a page though
  • The enamel dots are from my stash
The story:  For Mothers' Day this year, we decided to have a relaxed family game day at the seniors' residence where my mom lives.  It is a very large residence (3 building, 6 stories each) and therefore there are all sorts of amenities for the residents (pool, exercise room, library, cinema, bowling, billiards, darts, card room and so on ...).  Immediate family members are welcome to use all the amenities as well.    We booked a few of the rooms for different times during the day to make sure that all generations would have some fun.  We started with the bowling thinking mom would just watch.  Well, lo and behold when we got the the alleys, there was this lovely contraption (see my mom using it on the RHS picture in the layout) that allowed my mom not only to take part, but to beat the pants off all of us LOL!

So there you have it.  Thanks so much for stopping by today and spending with me on the blog.  Thank-you Gretchen for such a fun challenge.  BTW, there is still time to participate in the challenge, it is open until the end of the month (check out Gretchen's blog post and her challenge video).

See you soon!  Hugs and have a lovely day xo

Thursday 21 May 2015

A 12 X 12 grid-style layout, a great YouTube channel and a fun challenge :)

Good morning all and happy Thursday!!!  I am so sorry that I have been neglecting you lately - life just sometimes interferes with my scrappy time, or at least my bloggy time.  I have had a lot going on lately.  Nothing dramatic, just everyday stuff with work, an elderly mom, family and so on... But I did manage to put the entire weekend aside for scrapbooking during INSD weekend and made four layouts.  I will get a post up showing them soon (next post, I promise :) ).

In the meantime, I am here today to share a layout I made in response to a fun challenge by one of my Facebook group, and YouTube, friends.  Jen Stokes is a very talented scrapper and a fellow Canadian.  If you don't know Jen, you can find her on You Tube here: 

She started making videos fairly recently - around Christmas time I think, and has already reached over 6oo subbies.  She has an awesome giveaway and challenge going on until June 1st so go on over to her channel and check it out.  Her challenge is a fun one - she asked that we create a layout that is scraplifted, or inspired by, one of her layouts - the first 15 or so that she created on her channel.  So I sat down and watched the challenge video, where she shared each of those layouts again - I made notes on the ones that I thought I would scraplift for this challenge, or the ones that inspired me for colour, or placement, or page design.  I spent a good hour doing my homework.  And then...... I scrapped something totally different LOL.  Jen's first and third layouts were grids, which I don't do very often but always like the end result.  Here is my layout, scraplifted from Jen's third YouTube process video :

The supplies:  The majority of the supplies used on this page come from my March 2015 Scraptastic kit - Rivers and Roads, but there are a few bits from olders kits and from my stash:

  • The background paper is from Dear Lizzy's Serendipity collection (One fine day) and the layering paper with the multi-coloured dots is a Scraptastic exclusive (Hooray)
  • The 4 X 4 cards that I used in two of the quadrants (to rest my title on, and for the journaling) are from the cut-apart sheet in Shimelle's first collection
  • The doilies are from an older kit, as is the bow
  • the alphas are from my stash (Simple Stories and Dear Lizzy) and so are the enamel dots (they are MME)
The story:   Well, I wouldn't really say there is a story per se to this layout.  It is more of a fun everyday moment that I captured.  My cat, Chopin, just loves it when my sister's cat Sophie comes to stay.  She was with us for about 10 days in April while my sister and BIL were away.  This layout is pretty much the story of their days together LOL ... Play, rest and repeat !!!  Oh and there is a little eating, and snuggling with me, in there too LOL.  I will have to make another page documenting those aspects.

So there you have it.  Thanks so much for joining me today.  Please leave me any comments, or questions you may have.  I love hearing from you.

Thanks Jen for such a fun challenge!  And, again, if you don't know Jen, hop on over to her YouTube channel (just follow the link above).  She is also a member of the Victoria Marie Facebook group and of the nicolejones911 group.  If you aren't a member of either of those groups, well ... get with it, LOL (said in a true Victoria voice ;) ;) 

Hugs to all xox