Sunday, 22 June 2014

Scrapping some more of my "passions" with the Daylight Kit from Scraptastic

Happy Sunday to all !  What a glorious day here.  The sun is shining; it is lovely and warm, but not hot and muggy ... so all in all a YAY day.  I spent a lot of time outdoors yesterday so today will be more of an indoor day, but with all the windows open and the occasional few minutes sitting outside to take full advantage :)  Hope you have, or are having, a wonderful day!

I wanted to pop in today to share my 6th and 7th layouts using my augmented May Scraptastic Kit.  This time we are moving away from travel layouts for just a bit to focus on a couple of my other passions - my animals and the garden !!

The first layout is of my cat Chopin, relaxing and snoozing on my craft table.  It is one of his favourite spots.  There are two warm and bright lights above my table; and he seems to think that it is a kitty spa, or tanning salon LOL.  It also keeps him close in the event that any fun strips of paper fly of the paper trimmer, or any flowers, flair, wood veneer or buttons become all of a sudden within chasing and playing distance :) :).  You will also notice that is head is resting on the trimmer.  He loves to sleep with his head slightly elevated - at night my legs seem to be the perfect pillow.

I really like this layout, except for the misting that I decided to add at the last minute.  I should have left well enough along (sigh)... Because of the colour of the cardstock and the mist I used, it just looks dirty and stained.... oh well !

The next layout is going to be the final page in my 2013 garden album; the transition page to this year's !  I love spending time in the garden and once the chores (weeding, harvesting, transforming ....) are done, I love just sitting and gazing out at the view. It is so peaceful and relaxing.  This year I will have a little over 3 weeks there, from mid July to the 7th or 8th of August. 

So that's it for me today - I am working on another layout using some of the patterned paper scraps.  I am cutting them up in blocks a la Nicole Jones, or grid style, to create a background and then... well I have a couple of ideas.  I'll be sure to come back and show you the result.  There are a few cards in the making as well.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful, restful Sunday.  Hugs xo


  1. Chopin looks like he is quite the cuddler, I think I just made up a word. :) The photo of your garden looks so tranquil and so far from every day life in both distance and as a way to live, at least for me any way. I'm sure the time you get to spend there is so refreshing and rejuvenating. Just beautiful. The words that you use on layouts are always so perfect for the layout, not something I am good at by any means. Great layouts Moira! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    1. Thank-you so much for the sweet comment Sue !! I am actually quite proud of the title on the garden page LOL ... I do love titles, but I do struggle with them :). Chopin is indeed a cuddler (love the word!) and a charmer - I think he sometimes thinks he is a dog the way he follows me around. I am truly blessed with the garden and the time I get to spend there. It is peaceful, relaxing and truly rejuvenating. I work with the public and I must admit that by the time the summer vacations get here, I need to get away and spend time with animals, gardens, you tube, books; and few or no humans for a couple of weeks LOL. Hugs xo

  2. Wow! Your garden looks awesome - many yummy meals ahead. Loving you layouts, and the title on you garden layout is perfect. Chopin does look pretty comfy in that picture, I think cats can find a place to sleep just about any where, but they do have some favorite spots. I got your card yesterday - beautiful. That little mouse looks even better in person. And soon as I seen that basket of pears, I thought of your garden. Love that stamp. Thanks for the extra goodies, I saw those yellow enamel dots, and thought - Moira has been watching my videos, and although you did not have to send me any goodies - I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much my friend. Hugs ~ Roni

    1. Thanks so much Roni ! I do love my garden and am truly blessed to be able to share it with my sister and BIL (particularly the chores part LOL)... I love spending time there whenever I can and so does Chopin since he has a girlfriend there (my sister's cat Sophie) and they just play and chase until they drop. I am so glad my little package finally made it - gosh that took awhile!!! And, I am happy you like it - yup I sure do watch your videos and love them too. Hugs my friend xo