Sunday, 15 June 2014

Two "throwback" 12 X 12 layouts using the Scraptastic Daylight Kit :)

Good morning and happy Sunday !  Happy Father's day to all the wonderful fathers out there, particularly to those who encourage their wives'  and children's scrappy passion LOL.

Sorry that I missed a couple of weeks on here; last weekend we finally got the garden planted.  It was a long, painful (my muscles are still groaning a bit) but glorious weekend.
The garden is a joint effort between myself, my l'il sister and best BIL.  My l'il sister hates gardening and working outside, although she loves the fruit of the labour so the agreement we have is that my BIL and I do all the "hard labour" and she waters and feeds us all weekend.  We can ask for all sorts of special treats and she will make them.  We had scones for one breakfast, the best Indian food for dinner one night, a couple of great cocktails after the days were done and yummy lemonade and iced tea during the days.  Ahhh!  Lots of photos were taken and lots of pages to come.

Now on to the two pages I made this week.  They are of course made with my augmented Scraptastic Daylight kit.  I am really loving the kit idea.  I pull product so much faster as it is  half assembled already.  So I spend a lot more of my free time just scrapping. Yay!!

Both pages are from the mid-90's, and both are in Spain but they are not really travelled related, rather people and friend related :

Here is the first that I posted on my Instagram as this week's Throwback Thursday (btw if you want to follow me on Instagram, I am "mooreilly") :

The background paper I used here has to be one of my favourites from the kit :)

The story:  this photo was taken in the autumn of 1994 and is of me pretending to drive my friend's motorcycle.  We had used his motorcycle as transportation during the week because the traffic was even more horrendous than usual  (it was quite hilarious to see me on the back of a motorcycle in suit, heels and with a briefcase LOL - the second layout of this two page spread is to come).  So after a relaxed dinner one evening, I just hopped on the bike, made motorcycle noises (so mature!) and Pedro snapped the picture.  Can you believe that I still own that sweater, that I still wear it regularly and it is still one of my favourites.  Hmmm, should I even admit to that; should I be proud or ashamed LOL?  Proud I say!

The second photo was taken a few months later - in the Spring of 1995 :

There seems to be a little glare on that photo, sorry !.  The title came from the "smile" die-cut and the Ampersand wood veneer.  I put the background down and wanted the photo in the lower right-hand corner.  The photo is of myself and great friends all with goofy smiles ... so I just put the die-cut there above.  Then thought, OK now that has to be part of the title.  Next came the ampersand wood veneer and the rest just fell into place :)

The story:  The travelling I did in those days was mainly for business, I was in the aircraft industry for many years.  That is certainly what gave me the travel bug, particularly since during business trips, I rarely could do any sightseeing or touristy things.  This was a fun exception.  We had worked very hard for three solid weeks in Madrid and Albacete, Spain.  Finally, we decided that we deserved a weekend off.  So we flew to Sevilla for a weekend and arrived just in time for the Good Friday night procession.  What fun (a page will come for that).  This photo is just the story of how I made such wonderful friends, that I still have to this day through my job at the time!  We are just relaxing with a drink after a morning of exploring the city !

So there we have it for this week.  I will be back soon.  I have a few posts already ready in my head LOL.  In the meantime, have a lovely Sunday, spending time with your father if you are lucky enough to still have him around, and/or with your sons and grandsons.  I hope the sun is shining wherever you are :)  Hugs xoxo


  1. Hi Miora! Good thing I saw your layouts on FB, for some reason they are not showing up here for me. Love them, and of course, your stories. So glad you have a blog, but you know if you did videos, I would be sure to watch. Loving these layouts, and looking forward to your gardening ones. ~ Roni

    1. Thank you so much Roni. You are always so supportive. I do hope to do videos in the fall. I am somewhat technically challenged LOL. I have figured out Instagram, the blog, facebook posting and uploading pictures as well as some basic photo editing in Picasa. My BIL has promised to give me some tutorials on making videos. I will probably start out with layout shares but I really would enjoy it I think. I will be sure to let you know. Thanks again xo