Saturday, 31 May 2014

Two more travel layouts with the Scraptastic Daylight Kit for May 2014

Well hello there, welcome and happy Saturday !  It is a glorious day here so it looks like we will be able to plant the garden next weekend as planned.  Meanwhile, it is still a little too wet to get out there today, but I accomplished the next best thing:  buying the seeds, YAY !  On Thursday, we will buy the plants and then we should be off to the races :).  I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

Today, I want to share the second and third layouts I did with the Scraptastic Daylight kit for May 2014.  But, first let me just say that I don't think I have ever done 3 layouts in one week - ever.  I am just so happy with the kit and am very glad I decided to subscribe. Getting the kit and putting together an add-on from my stash, is really the best of both worlds.  I get new goodies every month without breaking the bank and I use up some of my great and voluminous stash :).

So we are still in Europe, still scrapping the photos from my 2005-2006 year-long backpacking trip and I am still enjoying it.  i hope you are too.

Here is the first of two layouts today :

I used my augmented kit entirely for this page, with the exception of the doily (can't believe that I forgot to add doilies to this kit !).  As I mentioned in the previous post, I used the Weathered Wood Distress ink to ink all the edges and I find that it really complements the kit wonderfully. 

The story behind this page:  While I was visiting some very good friends in Madrid in September 2005, I spent a jam-packed day visiting Segovia.  Located about an hours + drive north from Madrid, Segovia is a small city of no more than 55,000 inhabitants but it sure packs a lot of history and landmarks!  Of course the famous aqueduct,  the Alcazar and its beautiful gardens (more about all of these in future posts), but also one of the most beautiful and famous cathedrals in Europe.  The Catedral de Santa Maria is located right in Plaza Mayor, the main square of the city as can be seen in the first photo.  It was built between 1525 and 1577 in a late Gothic style. It is massive and beautiful inside and out.

For my next layout, we are off further north - all the way to Amsterdam :

I love this layout !  It is really a far cry from my normal style and nowhere close to what I had as an idea when I started the page.  Actually, I just started with the photo and the mats around it.  The page then took on a life of its own.  I think I was influenced by a couple of pages on the Scraptastic facebook page as well as a couple of videos on You Tube (one by Sandra (ohsnapgonzo) and another by Gina (Gina Beth). The idea for the ampersand came from KittyScrapper (Nancy Sinclair)  I am really proud of this page LOL (I even researched the Dutch words for Bye and thanks - the title of the page).

The story behind this page :  Well there really isn't much of a story to this one.  it will be the last page in the Amsterdam portion of my trip.  The picture is simply one of me going into the train station in Amsterdam after an amazing 10-day visit in July 2005.  I really loved Amsterdam, so much so, that I actually went back in May 2006 just before coming back home.

As always, thanks so much for sticking with me to the end of this post.  Have a great weekend and I'll be back soon with another layout - I am on a roll with this kit!


  1. I love both layouts Moira!!! I like you little clusters of embellishments so much, how do you do that!!!

    Ps. If you like this cathedral; You really should visits Antwerp’s cathedral or watch the big market in Brussels ; yes I’m a little bit a patriotic here lol. But I'll make it up to you to say that the most beautiful cathedral I ever saw was the one I saw previous year; in Budapest (on the fisherman's Bastion) :)

    1. Thank-you so much Ellen. You always write such sweet comments. For the clusters... haha, I think it is pure luck. I have a little bowl next to my work mat where I put die cut, punched out shapes and bit and pices; and since then, I find I have been really using them for clusters.

      I would love to go to Antwerp and other area of Belgium one day. It is one of two disappointements of my long trip, I only got to spend a few hours in Brussels and not more in Belgium and I did not get to go to Finland. So I will have to travel again LOL :)

      I was lucky enough to see the cathedral in Budapest and it is just beautiful, you are right. Hugs sweet friend xoxo

  2. if you ever do, you really got to let me know :)

  3. Came over to your blog from the sweet Ellen H..... all your pages are really great! Fun blog : )

    1. Hi Carrie ! Thanks so much for your visit. I love your You Tube channel. Off to discover your blog. :)