Wednesday, 13 August 2014

9th layout with the June 2014 Scraptastic Kit - 12 X 12 - Funtime

Happy Wednesday all !!!  I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  It is pouring here today but the temperature is so very pleasantly cool, after a few really hot and muggy ones LOL.

I had a bit of a brutal return to work - 5 days, 50 hours. I love my job though and everything went really well, so I am a little tired but happy to have two days off. Then, back at work for a day before a weekend off.  Next week, my schedule should get back to normal - I work three 10 hour days Mon-Wed; then a short 5-6 hour day on Fridays !!  Not bad huh?

Today, I am having a nice, quiet day with some scrapping, some reading, some cooking and watching a bit of tennis.  No chores - I will think about those tomorrow LOL.

I want to share the 9th layout I made with my June Scraptastic kit - the Best Day of my Life kit :

Lately, I enjoy working with two 4 X 4 photos and putting them slightly askew on the page.  They are generally 4 X 6 photos that I crop although I am getting the hang of printing IG photos in that format on my photo printer at home - slowly but surely LOL.

You may also notice that this page design is similar to a couple of other layouts I made this month.  In fact, it is quickly becoming a favourite of mine and a go-to design.  My style has been greatly influenced lately by Nancy Sinclair (kittyscrapper on You Tube) and nicolejones911 (Nicole uses the same name on pretty much all social media), Tracy Banks (mercytiara on You Tube and Scraptastic); and, of course Shimelle remains a favourite of mine.  But there are so many great new You Tubers out there, it is a scrapper's paradise. By the way, if you have not joined Nicole Jones facebook group, head on over there right now - the inspiration and motivation are utterly amazing! 

The supplies :  I am already down to patterned paper scraps, but pretty much everything on the page does come from the kit and its add-on.  I used the cut apart sheet in several different areas for the layering.  The only things that come from my own add-on are :

  • The chipboard hearts, camera and stars are from the Studio Calico Essentials line
  • The alphas I used for the title are from Jillibean Soup's Alphabeans in Grapefruit pink
  • There were some enamel dots in the add-on kit but I also added some from my own stash
The story:  My  l'il sister has two cats and I have one (of course, we also have our puppy Oliver, the subject of a couple of layouts this month as well).  One of her cats is very grumpy and does not like anyone except for my BIL; she barely tolerates my sister LOL.  So when I go spend time there with my cat, we never see her.  She stays upstairs and grumbles.  If anyone of us, or worse, my cat goes near her, she hisses!!  But Deb's other cat, Sophie and my Chopin just get along famously.  They love to play together; they play chase and wrestle.  But it always seems to start with Sophie washing Chopin's ears and head, hence the photos on this layout.  When we leave to come home, Chopin is exhausted and just sleeps for a couple of days, although he searches for Sophie.  And Sophie also seems at a loss for a couple of days after Chopin leaves :).  True kitty love LOL.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading all the way through :).  I will be back tomorrow with the tenth and final layout made with the June kit. Hugs xoxo

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