Sunday, 26 October 2014

Layout in response to the fun challenge by Jenny Box for her 500+ You Tube subbies

Happy Sunday to you all !  I hope you are having a good one.  It is rather a cloudy autumnal day here but the temperatures are still reasonable - 11 deg C so far today (it is noon here).  I am still fighting my flu bug but went for a long walk this morning to help clear my head and my sinuses.  It seemed to work ... yay !

Two blog posts in one weekend you say?  Well, yes.  This second one is for a challenge by my You Tube friend Jenny Box (you will find her under her name on You Tube, and she is also part of the nicolejones911 facebook group).  If you know Jenny, you will know that she is Australian and that she makes awesome layouts.  She has two "trademarks" - layering and black ink splatters.  I think Jenny is the queen of layering; she makes it look so effortless and the results are always beautiful.  She also finishes each page with some black India ink splatters in two corners of her page.  The perfect finishing touch.  Jenny challenged us to take on her trademarks on our own pages!!  What fun, but a challenge indeed.  So without further ado, here is my response to her challenge and my 5th layout with the Scraptastic Boys of Summer kit :

What I did that was new to me :  Firstly, this page is a lot busier than my normal style but I really like the outcome.  Normally, when I use a lot of bits of patterned paper on a layout, I will use cardstock, or a very subtle pattern, as the background but this time I went for the bold because I wanted the star PP as a  background since the layout is about Oliver's (the golden retriever in the picture)  bed and both he and Cali (the queen kitty LOL)  are sleeping.  Secondly, I clustered the title in a block down at the bottom of the layout so that it sort of acts as an embellishment cluster as well.  

This layout sure made be appreciate Jenny's layering talent even more because I did not find it as quite as effortless as it looks when Jenny does it :).  But I enjoyed it and I will certainly do more layering on my layouts as a result.  Thanks Jenny.  I used Mister Huey's mist for the splattering but I will be buying the black India ink because I like the effect much more.

The supplies: I used a few more supplies from my stash add-on this time around, to bring in the pet theme.  However all of the papers are from the kit with the exception of the grey cardstock behind the star PP, which is Smoky Slate by Stampin' Up, and the yellow-gold plank paper (which I can't quite remember where is comes from - I know it is recent and it is a 6X6 pad).  The other items from my stash add-on are :
  • The dog and cat wood veneers are from Studio Calico
  • the bone sticker, good dog sticker, paw sticker and kitty face sticker are all from the Simple Stories dog and cat sn@p collections
  • the rest of the stickers are from the kit
  • the alphas are mainly from the October afternoon's Daily Flash in Nightfall
  • as I have already mentioned, the mist is from Mister Huey's
The story :  Well there isn't much of a story here, the photo is pretty much self-explanatory.  Cali, who is my sister's older cat just loves sleeping in the dog's bed.  We could never understand it because Oliver's bed, which came with him from the Rescue organisation, was pretty stinky no matter how much my sister washed it LOL.  But since it was the one thing Oliver was used to, they kept the old bed for the first year after he joined our family.  Early this autumn, Deb couldn't stand that old bed any longer so she went to buy Oliver a new one.  This photo was taken on the same day !!!  Cali got to the bed first LOL... and Oliver just let her be.  He never nudges her or tries to get her out of his bed.  But, if one of the cats gets within a yard of his food bowl ... oh my, that is a whole other story !!!

So there you have it - the story of Oliver's bed, or should it be Cali's bed?  

Thanks so much Jenny for this fun challenge, I really enjoyed it.  And, if for some reason, you don't know Jenny, get out from under that rock and search her out on You Tube.  Her videos are as amazing and her layouts.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I will be back soon with another layout and more ramblings.  Hugs xox


  1. I love a good pet photo to scrap and this is a fab layout. I somehow stumbled on this video that was a montage of all these dogs whining about the cats they lived with stealing their beds. I didn't realize how common that was...haha. I think the end of the video was another montage of dogs trying to get the cats out of the beds. Pretty adorable. I always love the color combinations that you chose for your layouts!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Crystal ... Oh I have to search out that video, it must be hilarious. Cali (the cat in the photo) is the only one who can do that to Oliver... but then she is the only one of our three cats interested in his bed - it's so smelly LOL. This layout was a little out of my comfort zone but I had fun makig it :).